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TCS Battery was founded in 1995, which specializes in advanced battery research, development, production and marketing. TCS Battery is one of the earliest battery brands in China. The company's main products include motorcycle batteries,UPS battery,car battery,lithium battery, electric vehicle battery with more than two hundred varieties and specifications. After more than 20 years of development, TCS Battery keeps growing. The production base covers an area of more than 400,000 square meters with more than 3000 employees. It has a complete set of modern standard factory buildings, office buildings and employee apartment buildings. TCS Battery has advanced battery production lines and technology, and has been continuously introducing the world's leading automated assembly welding, auto wrapping machines and other equipments. TCS Battery actively cooperates with the government to develop the Non-Cadmium Container Formation Technology of battery, and constantly expands the self-brand advantage. The factory produces nearly 4,000,000 batteries per month, and the total annual production capacity is more than 6,000,000 KVAh. Product Description Model Car Battery SMF 48D26R Volts 12V Capacity(25 ˚ C ) 20 hours rate 50AH Approx .Dimension(mm) L 258±2mm W 173±2mm H 200±2mm H 220±2mm Storage Status Wet Weight(Approx) 15kg±3% Warranty 1 years Design service life 3-5 years Cover PP Origin Fujian, China. MOQ 100 pieces Retention of Charge Storage @25 ˚ C 1 month 97% Normal use without charging 3 month 90% Normal use without charging 6 month 80% recommended to use it after charging Charging parameters: constant voltage 14.8V 0.1C charging for 2 hours

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