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Machine features: 1, the use of axial power tower special design, subvert the traditional radial power tower space limitations, reduce tool interference, greatly increase the power tool space utilization. 2, can simultaneously achieve turning, milling, drilling, tapping, hobbing, slot and other multi-process turning and milling complex functions. 3, the machine base adopts the whole casting structure, which can effectively ensure the long-term operation of the machine tool without deformation, good rigidity and strong stability. 4, independent Y-axis sliding table structure, so that the power tower Y axis feed rigidity is better, up to 18 multi-functional power head, can substantially replace the machining center drilling and milling process. 5. The main shaft C axis is equipped with a high-resolution magnetic ring encoder, which can carry out continuous indexing (indexing accuracy up to 0.01 degrees), and coaxial assembly with the machine tool to ensure the positioning accuracy and high reliability of the C-axis. 6, sheet metal can be designed according to the installation needs of automatic manipulator, and can be installed at any time with automatic devices such as manipulator, feeder, automatic chip removal machine. 7, the use of fully enclosed protection design, effectively protect the screw, guide rail, bearings and other important components, beautiful, stable and durable. 8, the use of imported bus operating system, can be fast positioning in high-speed operation, effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy. 9, widely used in automotive, electronics, mold, communications, military, wind power, medical equipment, instrumentation and other industries.
CNC Machine Tool with Y Axis Power Tower Machine CNC Lathe

CNC Machine Tool with Y Axis Power Tower Machine CNC Lathe

US $ 44,000-48,000/ channel FOB
MOQ: 1 channel
Since 2024
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