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Product Description The rubber in the isolator acts as a spring. It is very soft laterally but very stiff vertically. The high vertical stiffness is achieved by having thin layers of rubber reinforced by steel shims. These two characteristics allow the isolator to move laterally with relatively low stiffness yet carry significant axial load due to their high vertical stiffness. The lead core provides damping by deforming plastically when the isolator moves laterally in an earthquake. Advantages of Pot Bearings: Pot bearings are usually recommended when bearing rotations are large, compact designs and long term servesability are required. Pot bearings provides longer service life compared to elastomeric bearings. Smaller in size compared to elastomeric bearings. Longer maintenance time. Pot bearings can sustain many cycles of very small and large rotations. Economical repair as replacement of elastomer disc only. Does not get effected by external atmospheric correction. Additional Fixtures for Pot Bearings: We also offer additional fixtures for installation of pot bearings like temporary bearings, PTFE sliding bearings, studs, base plates, masonry plates with welded studs etc and will be happy to receive your complete requirements.
Pad Rubber Neoprene Bridge Pot Bearing

Pad Rubber Neoprene Bridge Pot Bearing

US $ 20-100/ Piece FOB
MOQ: 10 Pieces
Since 2022
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