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Lead Rubber Bearing This kind product includes:Elstomeric Seismic protection isolator for bridges and buildings.It can absorb earthquake energy effectively by way of rubber's elasticity and Lead's restorability. Products comply with :JT/T822-2011 Lead rubber bearing isolator for highway bridge and GB 20688.3-2006 Elastomeric seimic protection isolator for buildings And BS:EN1337. Lead Bridge Bearing Features: ◊ Stiff and strong in vertical direction but flexible in horizontal direction. ◊ Absorb earthquake-generated force by changing the bearing's shape. ◊ Allow the buildings to retain their original shapes and position owing to the high elastic force of rubber. ◊ Capable to adjust damping amount just by changing the number of lead plugs. ◊ Excellent vertical load capacity ranging from 5 tonf to 2000 tonf. ◊ Reduce the ground acceleration by extending the structure vibration period. ◊ High durable and elasticity of the rubber part - not suffer any damages during and after earthquake. ◊ Easy to install without a separated damper. ◊ Low maintenance. ◊ With stable bi-linear behavior shown as the above picture. Lead Bridge Bearing Classification of Seismic isolation device: Lead rubber bearing (LRB) is made of load bearing laminated rubber used of support function, steel and lead core combination that used to improve the initial stiffness and dissipation of shock energy absorption. The LRB is popular all over the world for its excellent performance and broad applicability. FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) 1. You are a trading company or manufacturer? -We are a professional manufacturer with 10 years history. 2. What certificate do you get? - ISO9001-2008;ISO14001-2004; 3. What is your MOQ? -1Set. 4. What is your delivery time when making batch production? -MOQ is 10 days, the actual time mainly depends on your order quantity. 5. Can you do OEM? -Yes, we can. OEM is welcomed. We can also design for customers as request. 6. What is your sample policy? -We can offer samples, and the buyer need to bear the express cost. 7. How long will it take to prepare samples? -About 3-7 working days.

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