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Sand Dust Test Chamber Product Description: Dust resistance test machine is widely used to do dust resistance of electronics, auto components, sealed products when using, storge and transportation. Design criteria: GBT2423.37-La2,LEC60068-2-68-La2,ISO20653-La2,GB4208-98-12.4,iec60529-13.4 Applications: The equipment is suitable for electrical and electronic products, automobiles, motorcycle parts, seals in the dust environment to prevent dust into the seals and housing test. In order to test the use, storage and transportation performance of electronic and electrical products, automobiles, motorcycle parts and seals in sand and dust environment. The purpose of the test is to determine the possible harmful effects of particles carried by the airflow on electrical products. The test can be used to simulate open sand-dust air environmental conditions induced by natural environment or human disturbance such as vehicle movement. Principle : A conical funnel is designed with a dust collection port at the bottom. A high-pressure turbine circulating fan suction port is installed at the dust extraction port ( bottom ), and the extracted dust is sent to the top of the inner box and sprinkled freely from top to bottom through the top of the box, thus starting the cycle. Product parameters: Studio size 80Wx80Dx80H cm Machine size 1050Wx1250Dx2000Hmm Roasting dust temperature range RT + 10 °C ~ 60 °C Fine dust below 75um Coarse dust below 150um Air velocity less than 2m / s Dust concentration 2kg / m3 Amount of talcum powder 2 ~ 5kgm3 Air flow meter 1-20L / M Metal mesh wire diameter 50um Nominal spacing between lines 75um or less than 150um Shock time 1s ~ 99h ( adjustable ) Test time 1s ~ 99h ( adjustable ) Vacuum time 1s ~ 99h ( adjustable ) Inner box material SUS201 stainless steel mirror plate Outer box material A3 iron plate electrostatic spraying treatment Control interface LCD touch screen Power supply AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz, three phase Weight 100kg Vacuum system Pressure regulating valve, nozzle, pressure regulating three sets, connecting pipe, vacuum pump Chamber structure of Dust resistance test machine : 1,Inner box material:SUS201 stainless steel mirror plate ; 2, Transparent window is convenient to observe specimen during testing; 3, Blow fan adopts stainless steel shell, high sealing and wing speed, low noise; 4, Inside the shell is the funnel type, vibration cycle can be adjusted, dust free float in the sky falling to blowing the hole together. Environmental condition of Dust resistance test machine : 1, Temperature:23 ± 5 °C ; relative temperature 25 % ~ 70 % RH ; atmospheric pressure 86 ~ 106 kPa; 2, Without strong vibration and Electromagnetic effect around; 3, Test chamber should be stable placed and keep balance; 4, Installation place should keep good ventilation, and without strong airflow, high dust and corrosive material. Product Image: Advantages: Ø 24 hours online Ø10years experiences Ø Best price, fast delivery Ø OEM,ODM ØGet dozens of national patent technology ! ØThe introduction of advanced production equipment through international certification quality assurance. ØPerfect after-sales service system, to provide you with professional technical support ! Customer Support Services: Ø Installation Ø Training (Training customer employees) Ø Calibration Ø Preventative maintenance Ø Replacement parts Ø Assistance via phone or internet Ø On-site diagnosis and repair/online diagnosis and repair Company Information KESIONOTS Instrument Co., Lt

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