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Description Clean Room High Speed Rolling Up Doors are widely used for food and drug factory, clean room and dust-free workshop, they fit for the areas where have very strict requirement of the hygienic and cleanness indoor requirement. Technical data: Clean Room Roller Shutter Door Control Box High Speed Plastic Door Max dimension width * height 5000mm*5000mm Power supply 220±10%V, 50/60Hz. Output power 0.75-1.5KW Normal speed open1.2m/s close 0.6m/s Max speed open 2.5m/s close 1.0m/s Protection Level Of Electric IP55 Control system servo type Driving system servo motor Wind resistance Beaufort scale8(25m/s) available colors of fabric yellow ,blue ,Red ,grey,white Structure Diagram: Product Details: 1. PVC Fabric: A.Material:PVC Fabric;Standard 1.0mm thick(950g/sqm); B.Available thickness:1.2mm-1.5mm;Flameresistant material. 2. Frame and tracks: Two guide rails,one top cover and one motor cover included.Thickness:1.5mm for guide rail,1.0mm for cover box. A.Standard material:Galvanized steel,surface is painted. B.Optional material:304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy. 3. Self-Repairing rail structure: 4. Motor and Controller: A.Italy servo technology motor.More stable and quicker response. B.Italy servo technology controller with English interface,easy to use. C.Double encoder,absolute encoder+inbuilt incremental encoder,more accurate and few maitenance. 5. Colors:Blue\Yellow\Orange\Grey\White\Full clear\Green 6. Safety devices(Below three devices are included as standard): A.Safety photo cell sensorWhen there is human or vehicle under the door,the door will stop closing and get up automatically.Thiswill avoid accident collisions. B.Safety bottom airbag sensor When the bottom bar of the door touches something,it will stop closing immediately and get up automatically. C.Alarm light and emergency buttons The lamp flashing to warn passing human or vehicles.And buttons on both side. 7. Operation methods: Vehicle loop detector,Radar sensor,Push button,Pull switch,Remote control You will receive: Products real shot:

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