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Alloy is a very important category in the Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy industry. A good Alloy can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Alloy available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Alloy are made from various kinds of features such as Material, FeSi, FeMn, SiMn, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Material for example, you can find FeSi Material, FeMn Material and more.

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Product Description Cr20Ni80 is a resistance thermoelectric alloy with stable microstructure, stable electrical and physical properties, good high-temperature mechanical properties, good cold deformation plasticity, good weldability, and no brittle fracture after long-term use. It is widely used in the manufacture of household appliances and heating elements with working temperatures below 1000ºC, and has a long service life. Due to its high nickel content, it is relatively expensive. Introduction: 80Ni-20Cr has high nickel and chromium content and low iron content. It has good oxidation resistance, thermal strength, and low positive temperature coefficient below 1000 ºC. At room temperature, it has high plasticity, cold stamping, and welding performance. The alloy is a single-phase austenite after solution treatment and has stable microstructure during use. Cr20Ni80 implementation standard: GB/T1234-2012 Chemical composition: C ≤0.08%; Mn ≤0.6%; P ≤0.02%; S ≤0.015%; Si:0.75-1.60%; Cr:20.0-23.0%; Ni:balance Fe ≤ 1.0% Al≤ 0.5% Maximum operating temperature of the component is 1200ºC. Fast life: not less than 80h. Melting point: 1400ºC. Density: 8.4g/cm3. Specific heat capacity: 0.46J/(g.K). Elongation rate: ≥20 Tensile strength: not less than 650 Rm/MPa Thermal conductivity: 15 W/(m.K) (20ºC) Linear expansion coefficient: 18 Microstructure: austenite Magnetic: no Metallographic structure of Cr20Ni80: Cr20Ni80 alloy is a single-phase austenite structure The application range of Cr20Ni80 is: As a heating element, it is mainly used in periodic thermal treatment furnaces with a working temperature below 1000°C, such as carburizing furnaces, bell-jar furnaces, ammonia decomposition furnaces, etc. 2. Electric heating wire for high-end electric heating tubes and high-end household electric heaters 3. Resistance tape used in high-quality resistance boxes It can also be used as high-quality heat-resistant steel structural components, such as high-temperature mesh belts and burners. 1.FeCrAl wire strip includes: OCr13Al4,OCr19Al3,OCr21Al4,OCr20Al5,OCr25Al5,OCr21Al6,OCr21Al6Nb,OCr27Al7Mo2. 2.Nickel chrome wire Strip Bar includes: Cr25Ni20,Cr20Ni35,Cr15Ni60,Cr20Ni80. 3.Copper Nickel wire Strip includes: CuNi1,CuNi2,CuNi5,CuNi8,CuNi10,CuNi14,CuNi19,CuNi23,CuNi30,CuNi34,CuNi44. 4.Constantan wire includes: 6J40,4J42,4J32. 5.Manganin wire:6J8,6J12,6J13. Main Advantage and Application It widely used in surtur and sulfide environment and producing industrial electric furnace, household electrical appliance and far infrared ray device. Low price with high electric resistance, low temperature cofficient of resistance, high working temperature and good corrosion resistance under high temperature especially. Brand\ performance[2] Cr15Ni60 Cr20Ni80 Cr20Ni35 Main chemical components C Not greater than 0.08 0.08 0.10 P 0.02 0.02 0.03 S 0.015 0.015 0.025 Mn 0.60 0.60 1.00 Si 0.75~1.60 0.75~1.60 1.00~3.00 Cr 15.00~18.00 20.00~23.00 18.00~21.00 Ni 55.00~61.00 34.00~37.00 Al ≤0.50 ≤0.50 ≤0.50 Mo / / / Fe ≤1.00 Nb / / / Operating temperatureºC 1150 1200 1100 melting pointºC 1350 1400 1350 densityg/cm³ 8.2 8.4 8.0 resistivity20ºCmm/m 1.12±0.06 1.14±0.05 1.05±0.05 elongationδ% >20 >20 >25 Repeated bending times >9 >9 >9 rapid life testºC/hour 1120/100 1175/100 1120/100 magnetic Non-magnetic Non-magnetic Non-magnetic Factory photos Factory reality gate A corner

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