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Industrial Top Grade Competitive Price CAS No.50-70-4/98201-93-5 with High Quality Sorbitol (W~ha~ts~Ap`p+86 18~56~1~39`~09~0`8) Product Description Sorbitol is a new kind of sweetener made of high quality glucose through hydrogenation, purification and concentration. After sorbitol enters the human body, it diffuses slowly first, oxidizes into fructose and then is utilized. It participates in fructose metabolism, and has no effect on blood sugar and urine sugar. It can be used as a sweetener for diabetes patients. It has good heat preservation, acid resistance and non - fermentability. Product Parameters Appearance Colourless, syrupy liquid Taste Sweetless or slightly sweetness,no other taste Drysubstance % 69.0-71.0 Moisture % 29-31 Sorbitol % ≥50.0 PH in 50% DS Aqua sol 5.0-7.5 Specific gravity(20ºC)g/ml 1.285-1.315 Reducingsugars % ≤0.21 Totalsugars % ≤8.0 Heavymetal % ≤0.0005 Pb % ≤0.0001 Arsenic(as As) % ≤0.0002 Nickel % ≤0.0002 Chloride % ≤0.001 Sulphate % ≤0.005 Residue on Ignition % ≤0.10 Total Plate Account ≤2000 Detailed Photos Application Sorbitol is less sweet than sucrose and is not used by some bacteria. It can be widely used in food, leather, cosmetics, paper making, textile, plastics, toothpaste, rubber and other industries. Sorbitol is used as an excipient, moisturizer, and antifreeze in toothpaste, and the addition amount can reach 25-30%, which can keep the paste lubricating, with good color and taste; Used as an anti-drying agent instead of glycerin in cosmetics, it can enhance the emulsifier's stretchability and lubricity, and is suitable for long-term storage; Sorbitol can be used as a raw material for vitamin C production; Sorbitol can be used in the production of Span, Tween and other surfactants, polyether production, plastic additives production, etc. Packaging & Shipping Company Profile Our Advantages 1.One-stop service station for your whole industry. We can provide mixing, repacking, storing service for you . You can buy all of them from us for only one time , we will update the orders processing of all to you on time. We are pleasure to be your warehouse and purchase office in China . 2.Provide the most favorable solutions. There are many Chinese and other international suppliers of each item , you don't need to inquiry over all of them , just tell us your requirement, we will match the most suitable products for you based on our domestic international resources. We also have a lot of imported resources in our warehouse. 3.Qualified Quality is the first condition for business. Our company has strict management system and quality control. We are ISO 90001:2000, ISO 141001:2000 and SGS certified. -----Be honest, be sincere ,be your best consultant and supplier. We do the best as what we can, we tell you the truth what we can't reach, and providing sincere advice for you. FAQ Is your company able to accept custom and meet customer specificspecification requirements? A--Yes, we can . What's your payment terms? A--T/T, paypal, western union, money gram and bitcoin. What's your delivery time? A--Generally 1-3 days after receipt of your payment. How about the packing? A--Usually we provide the packing as 25kg bag/carton/drum. Of course, if you have specical requirements on them, we will according to you. How about the validity of the products? A--According to the products you ordered.

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