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Product description: HM-242 is pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive for labels. With great tack and holding power, high peel strength, great heat-resistance performance, excellent resistance to oil-bleeding and ageing, HM-242 has good heat effect. Physical properties: Composition: Synthetic resin Appearance: yellow translucent R&B softening point: approx. 100°C Brookfield viscosity: 165ºC-------about 9200 mps 175ºC-------about 7000 mps 185ºC-------about 5000 mps Density; 0.98 g /cm3 TG point: approx.2°C Toxicity: none Technical data: Pressure sensitive properties of a 23g/m2-coating on 21g/m2 polyester film (23±2ºC,50±10%Rh) 180°C peel adhesion to steel (FTM 1) After 20 min: 24-30N/inch After 24 H: 24-30N/inch Loop tack on steel (FTM 9) 24-30N/inch Rolling ball (PSTC 6) Approx 20cm Shear adhesion to steel (FTM 8) 23°C :>24H with 1 kg/inch2 40°C :4H with 1 kg/inch2 Shear adhesion failure temperature om steel (SAFT) 0.5°C/min;0.5kg/inch2,approx 68°C Application Instructions: Its adhesion performance will be affected by substrates, release paper and application environment, so trial run is necessary to determine whether the adhesive is suitable. There should be no dust or oil on the surface of substrates and release paper, also the substrates and release paper should be treated to constant temperature and humidity before application. Application methods: roller or spray Operating temperature: the 150-170ºC, is recommended in the glue viscosity can be adjusted by the temperature of summer appropriate Down 5-10 ºC, raised 5-10 ºC in winter. Application-temperature of the labels between +5°C and 50°C,Temperature resistance of the applied label from -20°C to +60°C Packaging and Storage: Shelf Life: 12 Months in dry and cool environment Packaging: 20kg/Carton, About1kg/cake, Wrapped with fusible films Cleaning: The residual adhesive can be rubbed off by wooden shovel before it is totally cooled. Cooled glue can be cleaned with specialized detergent. Applicators can be cleaned with mineral oil at 120ºC, then purged with hot melt adhesive. Warnings: Don't mix the product with other adhesives. Keep the adhesive containers covered to avoid dust or contamination. Stop heating if you don't use it for a long time to avoid the carbonization of the adhesive Wear safety glasses, safety gloves and safety clothes when using hot melt adhesive to avoid scald.

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