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Online Trading

From payment to delivery, we keep your order safe without charges.
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Speed Up the Trading Process with Security

Online Trading is an online transaction service at Made-in-China.com. It is available both for buyers and sellers. Using it, you can complete the whole transaction process quickly online to grow your business.

Why Online Trading?

  • Payment to Made-in-China.com First
    Online Trading products will be paid to Made-in-China.com first. The payment can be made by credit cards or bank transfer.
  • No Service Charge
    Online Trading service guarantees your order without any charge.
  • Refund & Return
    From payment to delivery, if there is a delivery or product issue, you can request a refund, and our team will help you solve it.

How to Keep the Order Safe?

Start Order with Online Trading Suppliers
Search the products you want to order on Made-in-China.com and find the Online Trading suppliers with the "Online Trading" symbol.
Confirm with Supplier
Negotiate with the supplier for the price and shipping to confirm your order.
Pay to Made-in-China.com
Securely pay with your preferred method to Made-in-China.com.
Wait for the Delivery
The supplier will ship the products and the payment will then release to the supplier.

What Buyers Said Matters

Mr. Christopher
Online Trading has been a big help for me and our team. We import from China using Made-in-China.com to find suppliers and Online Trading for the payment. It's been authentic to know everything is okay and then to release the payment to the suppliers. I will highly recommend the work with Made-in-China.com Online Trading.
Mrs. Kim
The service helps me secure my payments before I check the product quality. So this kind of service is what is very impressive to me.
Mr. Blake
United States
I love Made-in-China.com Online Trading and I want more companies to give it a chance. I received the package in good condition. I would love to see you guys be 1,000 times what those other platforms are. I can only talk so much without something to show of why Made-in-China.com is so great!
Is Online Trading service free?
Yes, Online Trading service will protect your order without charges.
What is the difference between Online Trading and sending inquiries?
You make the payment to Made-in-China.com first to keep your order safe. Using it, you can complete the whole online transaction process on our platform.
How to distinguish the online trading products?
Online Trading products will be marked with a green shield "Online Trading" symbol. There will be an additional red button "Start Order" (login status) on the product page.
What payment methods are supported on this site?
Card and Bank Transfer.
1. Card payment: credit card and debit/debit card with USD payment function. The maximum limit for a single transaction of card payment is 5,000 US dollars.
2. Bank Transfer (T/T): no upper limit.
How to get and use Online Trading coupons?
The public coupons are collected and displayed on the product page and payment page.
Private coupons are bound to the Buyer ID for buyers to use directly.
For receiving the coupon and learning the coupon rules: Click here
Return & Refund
What if the products I ordered are defective/not as described?
You can request a refund if the products are not as described. The supplier needs to reply to the refund request within 24 hours after you have submitted it. If the refund method is "Refund after return", the supplier must confirm the refund as soon as possible after receiving your return within 30 days.
Can I apply for a return?
If the failure to deliver the goods within the agreed time limit / the failure to receive the goods is caused by the supplier, you have the right to request a refund from the supplier (return refund/exchange/other compensations). If you need to send back the goods, the original packaging of the goods , warranty card, accessories, and gift items need to be sent back with the goods together and the freight will be charged by the supplier.
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