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  • 5/8/10/12 Trays Rotary Gas Electric Oven Price

5/8/10/12 Trays Rotary Gas Electric Oven Price

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US$ 5,500 1-9 Piece
US$ 1,000 ≥10 Pieces
Trade Guarantee
From payment to delivery, we guarantee your trading security without charges.
50/100/200 Kg/H

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YKC-5E, YKC-5G, YKC-8E, YKC-8G, YKC-10E, YKC-10G
Customize or Regular
Rotary Oven
With Timing Device
Gas, Electric or Diesel

Guangzhou Youbake Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.

Member Since: 2020


Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory,Trading Company

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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Product Details

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