Company Overview
Shinova Animal Health (ShinovaVet. COM) is a division of Shinova Group that has specialized in the veterinary products, animal healthcare service and business solutions to veterinary professionals in China and worldwide.

SHINOVA, based in Shanghai China, is a professional healthcare products manufacturer and total solution provider for the hospitals, clinics, laboratories, animal hospitals and veterinary schools around the world.

As one of the leading manufacturer of medical equipments, laboratory instruments and veterinary products in China, Shinova has dedicated to provide state-of-the-art products with top-ranking quality and the whole process service to global clients for more than 15 years. Focused on the product design, production, sale and service, Shinova enables technology innovation and pursues technology excellence in all its forms. From cardiac monitoring, image diagnosis to disease treatment, even laboratory equipments and animal health products, we take great efforts to provide a broad range of high quality products and timely services at all time. Most of products are CE and FDA certificated. To this day, Shinova has formed giant marketing networks in more than 160 countries and regions, and now we're building good business relationships with more partners and clients with full sincerity.

Our mission is to be a loyal partner who regards clients as teammates so that we take all efforts on how to create maximum benefits and how to work efficiently. All the works would be worthy if only it settles for client's requirements. Therefore, our vision is to be a quality keeper, a time saver, a profit creator and a solution finder.

SHINOVA's products:

Sector 1: Animal Health Products
1. Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
2. Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator
3. Veterinary Monitor
4. Veterinary ECG Machine
5. Veterinary Pulse Oximeter
6. Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
7. Veterinary Defibrillator
8. Veterinary X-ray Machine
9. Veterinary EndoScope
10. Veterinary Dental Unit
11. Veterinary Infant Incubator
12. Veterinary Infusion Pump
13. Veterinary Syringe Pump
14. Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator
15. Veterinary Nebulizer
16. Veterinary LED Surgery Light
17. Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit
18. Veterinary Suction Unit
19. Veterinary Operating Table
20. Veterinary Dental Table
21. Veterinary Bone Drill & Saw
22. Veterinary Laser Surgery
23. Veterinary Operating Microscope
24. Veterinary Autoclave & Cleaner
25. Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer
26. Veterinary Hematology Analyzer
27. Veterinary Coagulometer Analyzer
28. Veterinary Electrolyte Analyzer
29. Veterinary Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer
30. Veterinary Urine Analyzer
31. Veterinary Biological Microscope
32. Veterinary Centrifuge
33. Veterinary Otoscope
34. Veterinary Wood Lamp
35. Veterinary Infared Lamp
36. Animal Thermometer
37. Animal Pregnant Test
38. Animal Backfat Scanner
39. Pet Dryer
40. Pet Beauty Table
41. Pet Grooming Clipper
42. Pet Grooming Scissors
43. Pet Cages
44. Pet Scale
45. Pet Treadmill

Sector 2: Medical Equipments
1. Patient Monitor
2. ECG Machine
3. Ultrasound Scanner
4. Defibrillator Monitor
5. X-ray Machine
6. Anesthesia Machine
7. Ventilator
8. Pulse Oximeter
9. Medical Endoscope (Flexible & Rigid)
10. Ophthalmic A/B Scan
11. Infusion Pump / Syringe Pump
12. Colposcope
13. Electrosurgical Unit
14. TCD (Transcranial Doppler)
15. EEG (Electroencephalograph)
16. EMG/EP
17. Maternal Fetal Monitor
18. Infant Incubator
19. Holter / Treadmill
20. Hospital Bed
21. Operating Lamp /Surgery Light
22. Dental unit
23. Suction Unit
24. Sterilizer/Autoclave
25. Chemistry Analyzer
26. Hematology Analyzer
27. Coagulometer
28. Microplate Reader
29. Microplate Washer
30. Urine Analyzer
31. Electrolyte Analyzer
32. Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer
33. Biological Microscope
34. Centrifuge
35. Oven
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