Feb 17, 2024
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Company Overview
Ningbo Five Lakes Hvacr Equipment Co. Ltd is Comprehensive Household & Industry HVACR equipment Supplier and Manufacture. Our Company have 6 main department Household Air Cooler, Household AC conditioner, Household Portable Refrigerators including Solar Refrigerators. Industrial Air Cooler for Cold Storage, Industrial Air Handler Terminal. Water Heat Pump and other Products.

We have 6 Manufacture Basements, They are located in Jiangsu. Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo of China, All of Manufacturers have been passed ISO Quality Control System. And CE/VDE/UL Safety Certificate,

The Main products as the following

Household Water Evaporative Air Cooler Product Series from 700ml to 35L...

Household AC conditioner Series from 1HP to 5HP, Portable or Non Portable type

Household Portable Refrigerator Series from 15L to 102L, Solar type and Portable type Car Refrigerators

Industrial Evaporative Water/Freon type Air Cooler(Cold Room Evaporators)Series DD/DL/DJ Series

Household /Industrial Hot Water Heat Pump Series Solar/Non Solar type

Household /Industrial Air Handler Unit& Central AC terminal Series.

We are sticking on our principle for ever.

We please our client with Our affordable products quality and our Thoughtful service.

We are sticking on the transparent principle for ever

Our Customer will know the value business every details. Let them know the business with us is value

We are sticking on the Justice and Fairness For Ever,

We only get the fare profits on each business
Mr. Neo Chen
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