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For the last couple of years Guanzhong Technology Co; Ltd focus only on one thing: How to make our life and world environment work better. We think, we design, we apply different kind of accessories to your environmetal products. Being a design house jointly invested by Biodegradable tableware, lunch box, bow; , container...Also compostable shopping bag, waste bags manufacturers with very different competent and manufacturing process, we have come up with more than 100 designs covering most of the mainstream composstable lunch box, bowl, container. Biodegradable and Non-woven shopping bag in supermarket. Dispotsable waste bags and pet poop bags...We offer our design with competitive manufacturing process cost to support brands with attitudes and styles. Come talk to us.

Fujian Guanzhong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Was established on September 1, 2020, our head company JiCheng has been committed to this industry for 30 years Its business scope includes general projects: Research and development of bio based materials technology; Sales of bio based materials; Manufacturing of bio based materials; Sales of plastic products; Manufacturing of plastic products; Manufacturing of plastic packing boxes and containers; Manufacturing of special equipment for environmental protection; Sales of packaging materials and products.
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No. 260, Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
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