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Jun 16, 2020
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Company Overview
XINZHEJD Company was Establish on February 22, 2008. The factory has more than 40 sets of equipment and more than 50 employees within from the production line and office area of about 4, 000 square meters.

XINZHEJD Electromechanical Equipment Factory is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, in Xiaokunshan Town, Xiaokunshan National Development Zone, Belong to the G60 industry, Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt (Shanghai 104 Industrial Land). Complete EIA procedures.

XINZHEJD Electromechanical Equipment Factory is a manufacturer specialized in high-difficult, high-quality, high-precision parts.

Our factory has a professional high-quality technical team and also has an experienced team of parts processing technology analysis engineers.

We have all kinds of high-end machinery and complete processing equipment, not the strict quality assurance system operation.

Using the advanced technology and management experience, and continuously explore and can quickly adapt to a variety of efficient processing methods and technology of high-quality, high-precision parts and components manufacturing and difficult development customer's needs.

XINZHEJD adheres to the behavioral philosophy of "pragmatic, rigorous, innovative, honest, and grateful", implements the management policy of "refine management, monitoring process, and focus on results". The management policy of refining management, monitoring process, and focusing on results, technical development, processing and manufacturing strength, production, quality, safety and other management systems operating standards.

Our long- term cooperation factory has German first-line brand printing machine, Japanese Famous machine parts, Swiss first-line brand machine manufacturers and the same well-known Swiss first-line brand beverage filling machine, Domestic welding and assembly robot manufacturers, reducer manufacturers and other supporting production, coexistence and difference and have the same long-term cooperation to create a win-win cooperation concept.

Through hard work and will become a supplier of exemption, and after two years of efforts, it has become a non-examination supplier of lithography machines. (The most precise part of the lithography machine is the lens/mirror group, This is the core component of the lithography machine, which is very difficult and very high. Shape to be machined to high accuracy and roughness and with the improvement of the process, the higher the accuracy requirements. And as the process increases, the accuracy requirements are higher. Ex: The flatness of the 200mm diameter disc parts needs to be processed to an accuracy of 0.003mm and a roughness of 0.2um...)

Xinzhejd is professional famous manufacture of all kinds of Professionally renowned processing equipment manufacturing which has abundant technical force, advanced production equipment and technology, completed testing means. According to requests of IS09001: 2015 international standard quality system, the products are carried on strict control in the design, production examination, sale and service, in the video quality personnel are the product of three-dimensional detection, this product flatness 0.003mm, each have been careful testing to ensure that shipments passing rate of 100%.
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Factory No. 3, No. 77, Gangxing Road, Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai City, Shanghai, China
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