Shanghai Xiepai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jun 14, 2023
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Shanghai Xiepai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Since its establishment, Xiepai has always devoted its energy to our professional technical field - packaging machinery. So far, it has obtained 1 invention patent and 31 utility model patents, forming a unique market competitive advantage, and was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai in 2019. As a leader in the packaging machinery industry, Xiepai has been committed to the design and production of different packaging equipment in recent years, and has produced the following different types of patents:

· 1000 bottles/hour-5000 bottles/hour Essential oil filling production line

· 1000 bottles/hour-5000 bottles/hour Cream filling production line

· 2000 bottles/hour-12000 bottles/hour eye drops filling production line

· 2000 bottles/hour-6000 bottles/hour E-liquid filling production line (invention patent product)

· 2000 bottles/hour-5000 bottles/hour disinfection preparation filling production line

· 2000 bottles/hour-5000 bottles/hour Medical testing reagent, preservation liquid filling production line

According to the characteristics of different products, material characteristics, etc., Xiepai has been committed to the development of new equipment in recent years, and now provides, automatic unscrambler, automatic unscrambler table, automatic liquid small bottle turntable filling and capping machine, automatic large bottle linear Type piston filling machine, automatic turntable magnetic torque capping machine, automatic round bottle, square bottle single-sided and double-sided labeling machine, automatic cartoning machine, automatic shrinking machine and other packaging line products. At the same time, Xiepai is still committed to the packaging of special materials, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and other acidic materials, and flammable, explosive and explosion-proof materials such as engine oil and diesel. Focus on overcoming the technical difficulties that peer suppliers are difficult to overcome, and achieve certain achievements.
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