Nanjing Qiangren Plastic Material Co. Ltd

Mar 13, 2009
Company Overview
The toughening masterbatches are used to toughen HDPE, copolymer PP and homopolymer PP, which are prepared from the micron and sub-micron calcium carbonate fillers with the special surface-treatment. The mechanic strength of the composites can be improved significantly and controlled conveniently by the added content of the toughening masterbatches. The impact strength of both the room-temperature and the low-temperature can be increased in the range of 200%-400% and the flexural modulus can be increased in the range of 25%-30%. The toughening masterbatche granules can be mixed easily with the plastic granules. The processabilities of the composites, such as the melt-rheology and the size-stability of the plastic production, can also be improved effectely.
Mr. Sherwin Chen
New Mofan Road #5, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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