Aixin Opto-Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
Aixin Opto-Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. professionally produces optical toslink, photo link, SPDIF, optic fiber connector, optic fiber jack, data link, toslink and POF cable. All products have no lead, and have passed the evaluation of RoHS certification.

Our 3 major lines
1. Toslink Series (used in DVD, P-DVD, DVB, MP3, and MP4 players and set top boxes), including DLT(R)1111, DLT(R)1120, DLT(R)1130, DLT(R)1150, DLT(R)1160, DLT(R)1180, DLT(R)2140 and DLT(R)2150.

2. Optical Mini Jack Series (used in Audio Equipment, Notebooks, and LCD TVs), including DLT(R)11M1, DLT(R)13M1 and DLT(R)11M3.

3. Optical and Coaxial Series (used in PC and Audio Equipment), including AVG-5, AVG-2 and TX6112 (180 degree, use for LCD TVs).

Our products are used in DVD players, P-DVD players, DVB players, PC, audio equipment, notebooks, set top boxes, mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, and games/toys. We hope you can be our best honorable customer, and welcome you to contact us.
Mr. James Lu
Sales Manager
Market Department
Xiaohe Industy District, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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