Shanghai Xia Fei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Oct 23, 2000
Company Overview
Xia Fei, a colorful name, has enjoyed great prestige all over the country since the early 1990s, and has won more than 30 honors at state, ministerial and provincial level. She was named as one of the first China's top ten "Famous Brands" in 1991, and was awarded the title of "Shanghai Famous Brand" for many years, etc. All these make her a brilliant pearl of China's cosmetic industry.

With the more and more acute competition in cosmetic market, Xia Fei combined with Shanghai Industry Holding Limited and set up the joint venture --- Shanghai Xia Fei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. in 1996. For three years adjustment, Xia Fei has got significant achievements. A sales and marketing system based on modern principles of marketing management has come into being. A group of talent people was recruited to the marketing and sales department and other departments. A series of first-class manufacturing facilities has been imported. And, a system of new product development has been formed.

Today, incorporation between companies becomes a tendency of world economic development. Xia Fei's investors deeply understood the profits brought by incorporation and carried out reconsolidate with Shanghai Jahwa Group. Xia Fei joined into Jahwa Group.

While the new ages coming, Xia Fei will be on the new start and make a great progress in 21st century.
No. 4308, Chuansha Road, Pudong, Shanghai
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