Guangzhou Setchief Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Jan 2, 2019
Manufacturer/Factory,Group Corporation
Company Overview
We supply products and technology for you as follows:

1. The whole technology of ensuring electronic products against copy, involving the demo, the developer and the target programs (C language & assemble of MCS-51 ), reader of AT88SCXXXX(AT88SC0104C~AT88SC1616C~AT88SC25616C), reader of AT88SCRFXXXX(New product).

2. The set of cracking/decoding/decipher/decrypting security code of SLE4442 or SLE4428. AT88SC102/AT88SC1604

3. The set of cracking/ decoding/decipher/ decrypting keys to clone/ copy DS1991 or DS1425, or copying/ developing of DS1961S.

4. Copy/clone DS1982, DS1990;

5. Clone/ copy/ Simulating replacing ROMs of TM Card/ iButton.

6. Decrypt/decode/crack Mifare 1 card.

7. Decode/crack/decrypt/decipher T5557/5567/E5550

If you have any need above, contact us at once please!
Mr. Zhenye Yang
R&D Department
Room 1802, KINT Building, No.238, West Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, PR China
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