Jinan Good Friend Machine Limited Company

Sep 20, 2008
Company Overview
After the Jinan good friend machine limited company is the newenterprise which our country reform and open policy develops, had morethan ten years the product developments, the production experience. Technical force abundant, design manufacturing capacity strong, produces well-equipped excellent, tests well appointed, the controlsystem to be perfect, and defers to international "the ISO9000 qualitycontrol and the quality guaranteed" the request, has established thequality guarantee system, the product quality broadly the domestic andforeign users high praise, holds the leading status in the colleagueindustry. This company main product minute two big type, namely modelsthe steel windows and doors processing supplementary equipment and thecooking oil mechanical product.

The Jinan good friend machine limited company mainly is engaged in thecooking oil machinery, models the window equipment two big seriesproducts, cooking oil machine class: The electronic baler, washes MaiJi, washes the bean machine, the corn clearer, the conveyer, theshaker, the adhesive tape vulcanizer, the sewing machine, atomizes thehydraulic engine, is filling the chartered airplane, the oil press, the rotary system conveyer and so on. Models the window equipmentclass: Four welding machines, the double corner saw, V saw, the glasspress the band saw, the water trough washes, the clear angle machine, the group angle machine, the cross section mill and so on.
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