Wenzhou Ruitong Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
Wenzhou Ruitong machinery Co., Ltd. Specializing in providing engineering, developing, sales, and services of packaging machinery for pharmaceuticals, food, daily provisions, commodities, and chemical industries. It is the professional vertical form fill seal machine manufacturer in domestic market. A joint stock company that integrated with powerful technologies, superior production facilities, strictly enforced quality control system, and excellent ownership management.

Rely on the current technology and to embrace the new technology, we focus on innovating fully automatic and intelligent packaging machine, we have deliver 4000 machines around the world, and learned a lot on the way, we invest heavily in infrastructure, tools, training and our team of incredibly dedicated employees who genuinely care about the products we delivered and the people who use them, we already have a varieties of patented applicable technologies, we believe that our strength of powerful innovative passion is the reason to the rapidly expansion of our company, which make us unparalleled in the packaging industry. We have passed the test of CE certificates and gained ISO9001: 2000 certificate guarantee, the endless innovative energy that make our products long life of activity.

Our focus: Produce high quality products and offer the best services for our customer investment, Ruitong is named the abiding by contracts and keeping promises unit by municipal authorities. Our product sale network covering almost entire mainland China and continue stretched into other market including South Asia, Europe, and North America. The introduction of advanced equipment and experience mechanical engineers, software specialist, project managers, quality assurance manager, highly skilled fabricators and experienced assemblers have tremendously improve our production capability which lead to high quality and less cost of ownership, the value derived from the quality of our products, the abilities we grow with demand over time, our products are welcomed by customers, you can rest assure that we always try to provide exceptional value.

We understand the importance of up time, we work efficiently to ensure our customer receive the best support possible. We have real-time web online support, phone technical specialists, a team of field service technicians, dedicated parts representatives, as well as state of the art service management software to ensure we are the most organized service department possible.

We have become the leader in packaging industry, we have achieve this by relentlessly working on new and innovative ideas, along with the best services from our hard-working, dedicated, royal employees, and the latest industrial manufacture techniques.

Time is money, our machine is design out of necessity due to rising labor costs and the pure lack of laborers, this is a turning point in time, seize the moment and don't miss out on the chance to advance your future with the machines from Ruitong.
Mr. Nico Chen
Sales Manager
Sales Department
Shishanwai Industrial Zone, Caocun Town, Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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