1-1/2" PVC Reinforced Drain Discharge Hose

US $ 1.2-1.5 /Meter FOB
MOQ:500 Meters

98A Pneumatic PU Coil Hose

US $ 0.185-0.195 /Meter FOB
MOQ:5,000 Meters

Plastic Flexible Cable Carrier Track Chain

US $ 15-18 /Meter FOB
MOQ:10 Meters

High Pressure Hose for Agricultural Pesticide Spraying

US $ 0.22-0.3 /Meter FOB
MOQ:1,000 Meters

100 mm PU Air Duct Conditioning Ventilation Hose

US $ 9.8-10 /Meter FOB
MOQ:100 Meters

Welding PVC Natural Gas Rubber Hose for Kitchen Twin Hose

US $ 0.195-0.2 /Meter FOB
MOQ:10,000 Meters

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