Yinzhou Qiyun Office Equipment Spare Parts Factory

Aug 20, 2002
Company Overview
The Yinzhou Qiyun Office Equipment Spare Parts Factory in Ningbo city is a single-venture privately owned enterprise. It integrates the designing, producing, servicing and developing of duplicators, printers, mimeograph machines and other spare parts of the office equipment.

The predecessor of this factory is Yunzhou Punching Machine Factory, which was founded in 1980, its annual output value could not reach 10,000 yuan, and it mainly produced the printer's ink balls. In 1988, the factory was renamed as Yunzhou Office Equipment Spare Parts Factory, it produced the fittings of Model 21 speed printers and cooperated with domestic producers in producing speed printers. The scale of the factory was enlarged from 2 persons to 10 persons, and the factory achieved the annual output value of 200,000 yuan. In 1992, the factory moved to Ningbo and it was renamed as Ningbo Jiangdong Office Equipment Spare Parts Factory. And it began to produce the fittings of medium-grade and high-grade mimeograph machines. The scale of the factory was enlarged to 26 persons and the factory achieved the annual output value of 2,000,000 yuan. In December, 2000, the factory moved to Gulinlijia Bridge,Yin county in Ningbo city, and was renamed as Yinzhou Qiyun Office Equipment Spare Parts Factory. It professionally produced the fittings of duplicators, printers and mimeograph machines, and also it registered its own trademark. Now the factory has 66 persons, its occupied area is 3500m2, and its construction area is 3800m2.In 2000, we achieved the output value of 6,000,000 yuan, and in 2001, we struggled to achieve it to 9,000,000 yuan.

We take "unity, practicability, exploitation and innovation" as our enterprise mettle, we produce the series of Qiyun products with the purpose of "pay special attention to management, pursue the benefit, establish the trademark and exploit the market, quality is our life, credit is the essence." Our products have the advantages of the same kind domestic products. We have gained the satisfaction and trust of numerous users by strict examining measures, privileged and flexible marketing strategies and perfect after-sale services. Our factory will always take the reform and innovation of craft technology and the improvement of product quality as our foundation to develop and expand. Now our products were sold to various places throughout China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Zhejiang, etc. They have occupied most of domestic market and were also sold to the United States, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and other countries and regions in the world, we have a broad market prospect. The factory has its own sales net, it has respective divisions in Ningbo, Shenyang, Shanghai and Wuhan, and they were responsible to the sales of our products in various regions, and now we are planning and preparing to establish another division in Beijing.
Mr. Sales Manager
Ljjia Bridge, Buzheng Nanmen, Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China.
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