Xinji Luoshu Clothing Co., Ltd.

Jul 29, 2022
Company Overview
Xinji Luoshu Clothing Co., Ltd

Approved by Xinji Administration for Industry and Commerce on December 12, 2018, with registered capital of 1.1 million yuan. Address: No. 1-4, Gucheng street, Xinji City. Company legal representative: Haoyi liang. Business scope: Clothing, bags, shoes, hats, gloves, leather products, daily masks, production and sales of medical devices, non-woven fabrics and products, labor protection products, daily necessities, etc

The company has 41 employees in the finance department and sales department of the purchasing department, including 5 undergraduates, 20 junior college students, 6 secondary school students, 10 other technicians and employees. The high-quality enterprise team provides a solid talent base for our company to stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, Since its establishment, the company has been guided by the market, honest and trustworthy, solid and pragmatic business policies, with sharp innovative ideas, solid development beliefs, clear quality awareness and distinct commitment to integrity, and angrily tap the internal development potential of the enterprise and expand the external development space. Since its establishment, the company's business is based on the whole country, and our company operates clothing, shoes, hats and medical devices We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many companies to sell products and non-woven fabrics for daily use masks. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many companies to sell to companies and enterprises all over the country. In 2020, the company will focus on the market-oriented, specialized and large-scale trade and circulation enterprises as its strategic goal, put forward a pragmatic foundation, build a platform, enhance its strength, make the enterprise larger and stronger, expand its product colleagues to foreign markets, continue to follow the policy of keen innovation, firm development belief, and take honesty as the foundation, and strive to stand out in the market competition.

1. Further cooperate with other enterprises and companies to promote the sales of toad skin and enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

2. While doing well in sales, actively expand other businesses and strive to reach a new level in 2020.

3. Establish corporate culture.

4. The cultivation and establishment of talents provide the driving force for enterprises. Adhere to the company's development strategy, combined with the development of the market, adhere to and stable development as the basis, expand the customer base on the original customer base, and do a good job of internal work. Combine with the market, develop with the trend, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, let the enterprise adapt to the development of the whole industry, in order to seek for greater development space.
Mr. Kobe Guo
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No. 1-4, Gucheng-Xintiandi, Gucheng Street, Xinji, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
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