Guangdong Leiyon Intelligence Technology Corp.

Nov 7, 2018
Company Overview
The Guangdong LEIYON Smart Home Robot Engineering Technology Research Center located inside the headquarters of Guangdong LEIYON Intelligence Technology Corp is the first also the only government granted robot research center in the Guangdong province. The center is focused on the research, development and design of laser radar, cleaning robots, security robots, and other home service robots, as well as robots served in public areas. It recruited dozens of top talents in the robot industry coming from around the world. And, it has made several breaking through in some major areas regarding intelligence products.

Recently, Leiyon Intelligence Technology changed its development path into the so called Intelligent Manufacturing in China, and enhanced its force in the industry of Internet+ and house intelligence, and invested in several achievable, marketable and practical projects, and set up the smart home product brand Doni Robot, to provide customers all over the world with solutions of house clean services, home security services, and remote home services.

Radar is the eye of robot. It identifies objects in the detecting zone by the result of scanning, and build up a 2D panorama map. It is the keystone of a self-navigation mobile robot system. Leiyon combined the research of short distance array laser radar and its self-developed I-ANT algorithm and made it capable of 2-dimension 360 degree full direction scan. In the respect of technology, it has surpassed the competitors in the industry.

As an explorer of intelligence robot industry, DONI Robot redefined the idea of smart home. Based on internet and big data platform, use a house keeper robot to connect together robots, cloud servers, smart terminals, and home devices to realize seamless connection of intelligent IOT. To response quickly to the needs of daily life, link together, work together, and truly realize a smart home system. DONI Robot provides highly intelligent house keeper services including house clean keeper, remote visual control, and home security mobile guard. DONI Robot aims to bring a quicker, safer, more comfortable, more efficient high quality life to millions of modern family.
Mr. Emerson Feng
Project manager
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