Shandong Jiuzhou Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
Established in 1987, Shandong Jiuzhou Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an automobile manufacturer listed in the Announcement on On-road Vehicle Manufacturers and Products. Focusing on lightweight semitrailer business, the company is a large-scaled modern company specializing in the RD, production, sales and service of trailers. On May 27, 2007, Jiuzhou launched its first lightweight trailer listed in the Announcement, marking a turning point in the history of China's lightweight trailers and ushering in a new era for the lightweight trailer industry.

With more than 30 years of unremitted efforts, the company has developed dozens of national patented technologies such as the "65 composite strengthened rail", "arched ring-hole unloading rail", "vertical and crossing fastening rail", "stainless steel anti-wear patented suspension", "patented equilong four-blade leaf spring", and "lightweight highly flexible bed". It has won nearly a hundred honorary titles including "Famous Trademark of Shandong", "China's Excellent Enterprise in Special Purpose Vehicle", "Provincial Technology Center", "Satisfactory Unit for Consumers", "Creditworthy and Law Abiding Enterprise in Shandong", "One of Ten Technologically Innovative Enterprises", "Well-known Brand in Shandong" and a winner of the "Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition".

As more and more semitrailer producers enter the fray in recent years, Jiuzhou Automobile, as the creator of lightweight semitrailers, has always clung to the mission of "becoming an explorer and practitioner of lightweight trailers in China". As Jiuzhou occupies more market shares in the special purpose vehicle sector, in order to better meet the growing market needs, the company invested nearly RMB 600 million in October 2011 to build a new factory, covering 200000sqm, in Mengyin Economic Development Zone, and a special purpose vehicle production line with an annual output up to 20, 000 vehicles.

Jiuzhou always believes in the development concept "market precedes factories". As the market keeps expanding, the company will establish a nationwide layout of production bases that centers on Mengyin and covers Qinhuangdao, Taizhou, Cangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hohhot via the output of technologies and management or investment and joint venture. The company also strives to form a sales and service network radiating the Northeast China, Northwest China, Southeast China and South China markets around Shandong as the center, so as to fulfill the objective of "rapidly penetrating into the market with a nationwide sales network".

In the future, Jiuzhou will embrace a new strategic objective by means of brand output, capital output, management mode output, talent and technology input, information input and profitability mode input. Jiuzhou will form a strategic layout of "Seven Bases around One Center" and truly accomplish the concept of "Four Unified and Four Nearby", namely "unified brand, technology, standard and service" and "nearby production, delivery, sales and service", thus better serving customers from across the country. Jiuzhou will build itself into the only trailer producer in China that applies group-based nationwide layout in the next three years. By sticking to the mission of producing lightweight trailers and positioning itself and its products in the prosper market, Jiuzhou will always bear the promise of becoming an explorer and practitioner of lightweight trailers.
Mr. fangzhou wang
Sales Manager
International Trade Department
No. 006 Mengshan No. 5 Road, Mengyin Economic Development Zone, Mengyin, Linyi, Shandong, China
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