Jiangxi Ramie Textile Group Co., Ltd.

Aug 2, 2001
Company Overview
JiangXi Ramie Textile Group Co.,Ltd. is state enterprise. Owing assets of two hundred and six million yuan,three thousand seven hundred staves,three hundred and eighty engineers and technicians.The company was appraised for “Excellent Enterprise for Double-Civilization Construction”,Advanced Enterprise of High Quality and Benefit”by Chinese Textile Commission and “Excellent Enterprise” for three years.

It’s also classified as ‘An Organic Whole of Trade,Industry and Agriculture” by State Commission of Economic Relations and Trade ,the first batch of experimental enterprise of agriculture industrialization and one of the twenty-six major support enterprise by JiangXi Provincial Party Committee.

There’re hundreds of varieties,forming a multiple-producting line from raw material,unstickiness,spinning,weaving cotton to clothes.Produce three thousand eight hundred to,grey yarn two thousand ton,dyed yarn one thousand two thundred ton,yarn-dyed cloth and grey cloth eight million meters,all kinds of ramie clothes one point five million suits,ramie healthcare socks three million pairs per year.

The company deems it his duty to vitmlize national ramie industry,”Fiber cotton 11s ,18s,21s was chosen as excellent product in JiangXi Trades.ramis grey,ramie wax printion gained the first degree and the second egree of JiangXi new Product respectively,The company possesses operating right of imports and exports,eight percents of prodssucts go to U.S.,Southeast Asia,Korea,HongKong etc.”JingZhu” ramie clothing adopts technology of special crumble-resistant,having function as soft, straight, erumple-resistant, super-ventilative, heat-radiative, moisture-dispelling, warm in winter and cool in summer,anti-bacteria."JingZhu" ramie healtheare socks won’t make your feet wet of stinking,They are good for your health because they work against beriber.depending on its excellent quality and taking property,”JingZhu” Clothing won Golen Cup in the Seventy National patent New Technology and New produces Fair and 98’Chinese International Dress Fair.”JingZhu”became a famous brand.The company will go all out to carry out the strategy of an organic whole of trade,industry and agricultures,creating interal and exteral famous brand,welcome personalities of vrious circles to hold trades,cooperating with each other.
Mr. Hu Heping
Yichun, Jiangxi
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