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Jiangsu Yangdong Electric Co., Ltd. Has adhered to technological innovation and professional development for many years. It is at the forefront of the industry in the production and R & D of special production equipment for amorphous alloy transformer, amorphous alloy core and amorphous products. It has the most advanced production line of amorphous alloy core and amorphous alloy core transformer in China, complete testing equipment and master key technical processes, Especially in the no-load loss and noise control of amorphous transformer, it has formed the company's proprietary technology. At present, the company has an annual output of 3500t amorphous core and 2 million kVA amorphous alloy core transformer. Hitachi Metal Co., Ltd., Aetna Technology Co., Ltd. And Shenyang Transformer Research Institute have organized experts and scholars to investigate Yangdong electric for many times, and affirmed Yangdong Electric's amorphous process technology innovation. The company has signed a contract with Hitachi metal and Aetna technology to become a strategic partner and set up a logistics technology center. Our company was also invited to participate in the revision of the national standard for amorphous alloy transformers. Focusing on scientific management, the company has passed the certification of IS9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 international quality and environment system. All products have passed various type tests including sudden short circuit by the national transformer testing center. The company integrates product R & D, manufacturing and sales, and has maintained Hitachi metal, the national iron and Steel Research Institute (Aetna Technology) for a long time Through technical information exchange, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute has successively developed new energy-saving products such as 10kV and 20kV amorphous oil transformer, dry transformer and American transformer. The main products include sbh15 (16) - M series amorphous alloy distribution transformer, zgsbh15 (16) series amorphous alloy combined transformer, scbh10 amorphous alloy dry-type transformer, S11-M sealed three-phase oil immersed distribution transformer Zgs11 series combined transformer, amorphous alloy core and special production equipment for amorphous transformer (amorphous strip automatic shear line, amorphous special foil winding machine, automatic wire arrangement machine and amorphous transformer body assembly table, etc. ). The company's products are widely used in urban and rural distribution networks, residential quarters, industrial and mining enterprises. It is the first choice for energy-saving products in network transformation. Some products have obtained national utility model patents and patents from the United States, Australia and the European Union. As the enterprise carries out production and inspection in strict accordance with national standards and enterprise requirements, the process, technology, economic performance and operation reliability are better than national standards and are in a leading position in China.
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