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Company Overview
Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in outdoor fitness equipment. We have hundreds of SPORTING PRODUCTS (sporting products): RECOVERY FITNESS EQUIPMENT, LANDSCAPE FITNESS EQUIPMENT WITH UMBRELLA, PARK FITNESS EQUIPMENT, BASKETBALL STAND(basketball stand), TABLE TENNIS TABLE, CHILDREN PALYGROUND, SCHOOL FITNESS EQUIPMENT, PARK FITNESS EQUIPMENT etc. They are widely stationed in parks, squares, schools, universities, communities, resorts, private homes, medical facilities and more.

We have two companies on is Jiamei Sporting Goods Company, which deals with outdoor fitness equipment and the other is Beijing Vita Fitness Sporting Goods company, which is main for producing commercial indoor fitness equipment.

Advantage of Jiamei


A. China Outdoor Fitness Alliance Vice President Compamy;

B. The member of China Sporting Goods League;

C. China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association.

2. Germany GS Safety Certificate

Certificates: Authentication Certificate of Quality Management System Authentication Certificate of Environmental Management System Authentication Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

3. All of products have passed the inspection by China Sporting Goods Quality Test Center and all of them are insured by Chinese Pacific Ocean Property Insurance Co., Ltd.


1. Adopting CO2 protected welding, the surface is more beautiful and its intensity is higher than other ordinary welding.

2. The first company introducing sand blasting to remove rust in the area of Sporting Goods. Sand blasting adopts physical derusting which is environmental protection and enlarges the surface area of pipe.

3. Powder coating production line. Unique preheat device can ensure the capacity of powder adsorption, as long as more than 70-meters heat retaining district makes power solidify fully, releasing the remained water vapor and welding gas of welding area to ensure the powder coating quality.

4. Advanced facilities: CO2 protection welding machine, Plasma cutting machine, Curing machine, Punching machine, Radial drilling machine, Table drill press, Spray powder production line, Hydraulic bearing assembly machine etc.


1. Execute according to GB19272-2011 General Requirements of Fitness Equipment strictly, but the design exceeds Chinese National Standard.

2. Complete Detection equipment. Power-driven Brinell Hardness Gauge, Xenon Weather-Ometer, Temperature Chamber, Microprocessor Control Universal Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Height Gauge 0-500, Vernier Caliper, Fatigue Test Machine, Impact Tester for Air Walker, Thickness Gauge etc.

3. Skilled staff: In the factory, 10 Senior technical staff, 18 middle class technical staff. Weekly technical training system and monthly technical ensure technical level of staff a sustaining improvement.


1. Raw material and Auxiliary material: Adopting steel tube, iron plate, molding powder, welding wire made from companies with full qualification and reputation in domestic.

2. Important specification of raw material will be checked regularly, for example:

3. Insist the system of quality sustaining.

4. Every process are controlled according to process instruction written by professional technologist, it avoids arbitrary and non controllable with the production, builds quality control system of workpiece with traceability.


Our company is a large Chinese production base of sports equipment, covering an area of more than 40 acres. Monthly production capacity is more than 4000 pieces of fitness equipment, the strong production capacity ensures the capacity of promptly supply.


The wholly-owned subsidiaries was established to develop international market.
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