Company Overview
IPOWER FITNESS Ltd, was set up in March 2005, a company based in UK, (sourcing office in Shanghai)which is a professional fitness & health equipment supplier, mainly specializes in commercial strength equipment, such as selected-strength machine, plate loaded machine, treadmills, spin bike, pilates equipment and home gym equipment also, met great welcome in some markets, Such as European, South Asia and MID-East, also Australia, New Zealand.

Our marketing thoughts is growing at high start point, thinking as famous brand, doing as world brand and being a top brand.

Our first priority is biomechanics design, second is durable quality, third is efficiency space design & Friendly use, also good warranty.

Our philosophy is to give various of functional equipment to stay your competitive, we have achieved highest recognition in fitness line world wide.

We always strive to better equip your club, personal studio, home gym and always strive for professional brand.
Mr. Morgan
Marketing Director
Int'l Marketing Department
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No. 620, Zhangyang Rd, Shanghai, China
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