Sep 23, 2021
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INNO was established in early 2005 and may arguably be one of the best companies for home fragrance in China. Since got into home fragrance business 16 years ago, INNO has been dedicating herself to ultimate product safety; Advanced product research and development as well as outstanding customer satisfaction and being environmentally friendly. With more than ¾ Of the revenue goes to Europe, all INNO's products are ready for sale and 100% compliant to CLP/GHS. INNO passes many factory audits in various standards from different countries, which include but not limit to WCA, BSCI, SEDEX (SMETA) as well as numerous internal audit done by reputable retailers in various countries.



RAINCOAST was born from a love of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and its lush rainforest. Our inspiration flows from the ethereal moments in our life that come from taking the time to connect with nature. When the cool breeze and refreshing rain touch us, it is a reminder to slow down and savour life's beautiful moments.

We may be new to you - but we've been dedicating ourselves to creating beautifully designed products for past 16 years. The vision we shared with you is to create a company that specialized in stylish, combing the highest quality with affordable prices and to minimize the impact to our Mother Earth, and safe to use.

We travel near and far searching for the finest materials and smell innovations to infuse style with substance. We believe simple life style is what people appreciate more in nowadays.

We cannot emphasize enough how much thought, care and attention to detail goes into every item we make - I hope you'll cherish our pieces as much as we do.

We're delighted to meet you!


RAINCOAST is the world's leading professional home fragrance brand because of our unrivalled expertise in fragrance industry.

RAINCOAST is at the forefront of trends, collaborating with leading talents from fragrance, art and modern culture. Our designers create trends backstage at fashion weeks around the world.

RAINCOAST is a proud community of professional fragrance artists working together to bring scent to our life.

RAINCOAST believes in social responsibility, with initiatives such as put safety in the first place, persist in eco environmental consumption ideas on packages and minimize the impact to the earth.

Thank you for being part of our RAINCOAST family.
Ms. Kathy Wang
Sales Department
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