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Jun 26, 2019
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Company Overview
Guangdong Huge packaging inkjet automation Co., Ltd. (a distributor of kodak inkjet digital printing system in China) is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. In inkjet industry leader - Eastman kodak (maximum jet printing speed 900 m/min), Japanese Konica Minolta UV, seiko inkjet UV, hewlett-packard (HP) jet printing technology as the foundation, focus on industrial variable identification code jet printing equipment and printing equipment research and development, sales and technical application as the core business of professional company! Our company existing UV inkjet high speed variable data printing system, HP (water-based) high speed variable data printing system, single automatic inkjet printing platform (HG1040 HG930 HG620, HG470), automatic inkjet rotary printing platform (HG400, HG330), automatic on-line detection system, such as the United States HP ink system, UV ink.

At present, it is widely used in variable bar code, variable qr code, variable stream number, variable bitmap, product code label and large surface information of outer packing box.

The application industry includes:

1. Food, medicine (regulatory code), pesticide, agriculture, forestry and livestock industry

2: Business form printing (express single barcode, express sticker, lottery variable information printing);

3: Label printing (anti-counterfeiting mark, animal immune label printing);

4: Card making industry (game card, telecommunication telephone card, clothing tag, inkjet printing);

5. External box inkjet printing (food traceability qr code);

6: Wood, ceramics, electronics, daily chemical, tobacco, toys, hardware auto parts logo, etc

The main products

Kodak inkjet digital printing system of the United States (heyday 6000S single-machine and hybrid printing press, heyday S series, ds6240-kodak million printing)

HG single barcode inkjet transmission platform (HG1040, HG930, HG620, HG470)

HG rotary inkjet transmission platform (HG400, HG330)

Japan UV (Konica Minolta, seiko) variable data printing system

HP variable data printing system

HG variable data on-line detection system

HP, Collins original packaging materials, imported UV ink



Solution configuration


Single sheet paper

1: Single sheet inkjet transmission platform+HPinkjet system+ on-line detection system +report system;

2: Single sheet inkjet transmission platform+UV inkjet system+ on-line detection system +report system;

Gift box packaging printing (food, medicine regulatory code, qr code printing, cigarette package qr code printing), ticket, label printing, coupon, serial number printing

Rotary paper

Rotary inkjet transmission platform+UV(HP)inkjet system+on-line detection system

Pesticide, food (beverage, milk), medicine, chemicals outsourcing printing, form bill printing, game lottery printing

Add on production line

Form printing machine (flexographic printing machine)+UV(HP)inkjet system

Express order, business form printing, soft package printing

Anti-counterfeit printing

Offset inkjet transmission platform+UV(HP)inkjet system

Anti-counterfeit label printing


Paging machine+UV(HP)inkjet system

Nameplate, hanging plate printing

Corrugated container

Corrugated paper printing machine+UV(HP)inkjet system

All packing printing
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