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Hangzhou Giantway Import & Export Co., Ltd.

منذ 2022مورد تم المراجعة عليهأكثر
نوع العمل:Trading Company
المنتجات الرئيسية:Oil Immersed Transformer Accessories (Porcelain Bushing, Tap Changer, Valve), Dry-type transformer Accessories (Fans, Thermostats), Pad-mounded Transformer Accessories (Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Terminals)
سنة التأسيس:2013-03-18

New Material Silicon Steel Transformer Core

US $ 500-900/PieceFOB
MOQ:10 Pieces

New Energy Solar Transformer Triangular Core

US $ 500-900/PieceFOB
MOQ:10 Pieces

Oil Immersed Dry Type Transformer Cores and Coils

US $ 500-800/PieceFOB
MOQ:10 Pieces

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