Company Overview
Company Profile:
Our company was founded in 2004. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of smart watches, smart bracelets and other consumer smart electronic products. We can provide customers with cost-effective intelligent electronic products. We are a professional smart watch manufacturer with excellent quality and competitive price. All our products have passed CE, FCC, RoHS and other certifications. We have our own factory. Our factory is located in Shenzhen. Our factory covers an area of about 3000 square meters and employs about 5000 people. Our factory is divided into several departments:
1. Technology R&D Department
2. Procurement Department
3. Production Department
4. Quality Inspection Department
5. Warehouse Department
6. Business Department
All departments coordinate with each other to maintain the normal operation of the plant.
Our service scope:
Our products accept customized development! It supports spot delivery, sdk customization, Bluetooth communication protocol API, ID and MD design, as well as open embedded source development, open model PCB drawing board, PCBA software open source, APP customization, UI customization, server building, and industrial product customization. And OEM customized logo
Our success stories:
Our business involves many countries, including the United States, India and other countries. With the expansion of our business, many front-end companies in the consumer electronics industry in their countries cooperate with us.
For example, we made smart watches with an American company. They didn't believe that we had our own factory at the beginning. As we became familiar with them, we also invited them to visit our factory. In 2016, when they came to China to visit our factory, they saw the improvement of our factory's production equipment, the careful work of our workers, and the strict testing of each product by the quality inspection department, He felt relieved by our factory's management system, efficiency and conscientiousness. After discussion, they finally signed a contract with our factory. Since then, we have maintained a friendly business partnership
Our product advantages:
1. Stronger: It is faster, more durable, safer, and more adaptable than competitors' products, and belongs to a stronger category.
2. Good appearance design: Better comfort, better customer experience, more beautiful and simple appearance than other manufacturers;
3. Packaging advantages: The manufacturer can improve the product packaging according to the actual needs, so that the packaging reflects the product grade or brand sense.
QC service: Strict quality control inspection before shipment; Delivery time: About 3 days for samples and 3-7 days for orders. Customized samples: About 5 days, batch orders: 15-25 days; Warranty: One year.
Our factory warmly welcomes every customer to visit our factory in China. If male friends come to visit our factory, we can arrange massage, fitness and other services; If female friends come to visit the factory, we will give them a set of exquisite cosmetics or go to beauty and skin care services for free.

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