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Aug 1, 2018
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Company Overview
Good Harvest International Seeds Co., Ltd is a global high-tech enterprises. The corporate headquarter is located in Beijing and it belong to Ziyuan Tongbo International Agricultural Co., Ltd. There are 8 companies controlled by the parent company, and 5 companies are in China, 8 overseas companies. Taking every main business together in these companies, we have the business chain that we will mainly develop the business in the seeds research, seeds production, seeds sales and International trade of the vegetable, flowers and oil, and the agricultural products export, the afforestation as a carrier to extend high-tech seeds company of the agricultural development.

Our company has a registered capital of 5 million, and has 55 staff. The company has several departments, including PD, Science Research, QC department, Processing department, Finance Department and experimental farm, etc. The main business is focused on the seeds foreign trade, home sales, new varieties research, production, processing, market development, contract farming development and other business of the vegetable, flowers, sunflower and so on.

Our company insists on the purpose: Breeding the best seeds, building the global brand, and takes the science and technology as fundamental. We believe that the products quality is crucial and the reputation is more important for the company. So we always try to research new varieties and popularize, and try to perfect the quality management system, and try to invest for the crossbreeding. The enterprise tenet is, what is your need, what is our pursuing. We will fully implement the modernized management to serve the modernized agriculture better.

In recent years, we have build the production and sales business cooperation with 26 companies in 12 countries and they are Russia, France, Israel, USA, Turkey, Spain, India, Netherlands, Pakistan and England, etc. Looking to the future, we will take the opportunity of the strong support of our nation for the agriculture to expand the company's business and to develop the overseas business. At present, we have build several companies with some overseas companies in USA, Netherlands and Turkey to strong the foundation of the products brand layout and promotion in global.

Face the challenges and opportunities in the future market, we will invest more for scientific research to try to achieve the vision of the enterprise: Let our seeds sprout in every corner of the globe!

Face the fierce competition in 21st century, we are looking forward to have cooperation with our colleagues in seed industry with closer cooperation and crisis to built a better future.
Miss Fengmiaomiao
Oversea Business Department
No. 2302 Room No. 3 Floor No. 1 Building No. 39 Yard Chunhe Road Daxing District Beijing China, Beijing, China
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