Guangzhou Yuansong Trade Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
YuanSong Trade Co., Ltd is the official distributor of China region for Japan Aisin Forklift Parts which is one of the top 500 companies in the world. We specialize in forklift parts research & development, production, distribution and export.

Our company emphasize on quality products and good service as well. With the best quality, high productivity, innovation and leading objective, we are on a highly dynamic and competitive status. Sincerity creates value, trustfulness towards future is our core vision. YuanSong extends all our effort and cooperation in business development with all over the world.

We get involved in all kinds of Brand forklift with all kinds of parts, Such as Toyota, MITSUBISHI, Nissan, KOMATSU, ISUZU, TCM, DAEWOO, HYUNDAI, YALE, TAILIFT, YANMAR and so on.

Toyota: 3P 4P 5K 4Y 3F 1DZ 5P 2J 1DZ-2 1Z 2Z 2Z-2 2H 2D 11Z 12Z 13Z 14Z

MITSUBISHI: 4G15 4G33 4G52 4G63 4G64 4DR5 4DQ5 4DQ7 S4Q2 S4E S4E2 S4S 6DR5 S6S S6E2 6D16 6D22

Nissan: D11 J15 J16 A15 Z24 H20 H21-II H15 H25 K21 K25 SD22 SD15 SD25 TD27

KOMASTU: 4D95S 4D95S-W 4D95S-1 4D95L 4D94E 4D94LE 4D98E 4D98LE 6D95 4D105 6D105

TCM: 4FA1 4FE1 C221 C240 4LB1 4JG2 6BB1 6BD1 DA220 DA120 DA640 D500 C330

DAEWOO: DC24 GC24 D427 dB33A


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