Zhejiang Deqing Fuyuan Smart Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Diamond Member
Audited Supplier

Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Member Since: 2019

High Quality Powder Coating Machine Manufacturer

US $ 100,000-500,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

Top Selling Products Fence PVC Coating Production Line

US $ 200,000-600,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

Power & Free Conveyor Full Automatic Powder Coating Line

US $ 20,000-50,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

Vertical Automatic Powder Coating Line

US $ 120,000-170,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

Full Automatic Powder Coating Line Machine

US $ 120,000-250,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

Powder Coating Line with Spraying Pretreatment

US $ 121,000-150,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

Wholesale Full Automatic Powder Coating Line

US $ 120,000-152,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

High Quality Powder Coating Production Line Manufacturer

US $ 124,000-150,000/SetFOB
MOQ: 1 Set

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