Shenzhen Aisikao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Oct 19, 2021
Company Overview
Shenzhen Aisikao refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer specializing in the production of environmentally friendly PVC seals, plastic profiles and supporting equipment. The company is located near Shenzhen airport, Guangdong, adjacent to Hongkong Macau, which is a very convenient location for R & D, production, logistics, negotiation and so on.

Our company production of environmentally friendly PVC sealing strip, plastic profiles can be used in household refrigerators, commercial refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator, glass display cabinet, vending machine, wine cabinet, air filtration equipment, haze purifier, instrument laboratory, currently has thousands of mold, customers may also need to custom mold.

Seal extrusion equipment pipeline includes Aisikao independent research and development company, wear magnetic machine, welding machine, cutting machine, granulator, soft magnetic strip production machine. The main seal for customers to solve environmental PVC (plastic material) production and processing problems, the currently we have acquired the RoHS certification, CE equipment certification.

You can consider buying our finished products, semi-finished products + processing equipment, raw materials + production equipment + processing equipment. We specialize in providing one-line service to solve your problems.
Mr. Jeremy Lao
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3f, No. 11, Caowei First Road, Hangcheng Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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