Guangzhou Environstar Enterprise Ltd.

Sep 16, 2019
Company Overview
Guangzhou Environstar Enterprise Ltd is located in the north of Guangzhou, the company has focused on non-woven fabrics for three decades with expert team of professionals engaged in non-woven and non-woven products, development and production.

The company has advanced non-woven composite technologies and new product development ability, good permeability breathable film composite nonwoven product uniformly good, soft, and product diversification. The production of non-woven fabric having a high breaking strength, wear-resistant products, and strong corrosion resistance.

We have skilled workers and highly qualified designers and a variety of advanced non-woven production equipment, non-woven composite equipment, pressing machine, multi-function sewing equipment, other automated and semi-automated production equipment, fully meet a variety of customer order requirements. Products are widely used in agriculture, industry, medical industry, and other fields, which are exported to the United States, Japan and European countries.

The companies adhering to the "Excelsior in work. Honest to people " business philosophy, to meet customer needs, providing customers with quality products. Continuous development by "innovative technology, good talents, high-quality products" In addition, our company was awarded "Credible Company" for many years. So our company is the first choice of customers.

The company has achieved ISO9001: 2008 certification. By strict production management, technical and technological quality of all aspects of well guaranteed. We guarantee that with your support and trust, we must be able to produce the variety of products which make you absolutely satisfied.
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Near 105 National Highway, Yunxing Village, Wenquan Town, Conghua, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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