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Zhenjiang Dongyan Electronics Co., Ltd is a one-stop service company focusing on customized heat sink.

The company provides various materials and different types of heat sinks, from designing molds-producing molds-extrusion profiles-product processing-thermal resistance test experiments-making thermal resistance images-thermal simulation-optimizing heat dissipation power design, providing customers with specialization One-stop service.

The company′ S products are divided into three categories: Self-cooling heat sink, air-cooling heatsink, and liquid-cooling heat sink.

We have a wide range of product lines: Extruded Profile Heat Sink, Skived Fin Heat Sink, Insert Fin Heat Sink. Compared with other suppliers, our advantages lie in:

1. Providing customers with heat sink design.

2. Really understand the heat sink, know the precise control of every detail. 10 years experience in friction stir welding, greatly reduce the mold cost of ultra-wide heat sink.

3. Purchasing customized aluminum ingots, extruding materials by ourselves to ensure high standard purity of aluminum and improve heat dissipation performance.

4. The existing thousands of molds, to provide customers with the most appropriate products. It is possible to reduce the cost of new molds for customers.

5. Professional heat dissipation technical team 24 hours online, at any time to provide technical services and fast business services

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