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Shenyang Huixing Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with integrating R&D, production and sales of "new micro-ecological products". Since its establishment, the company has been innovating and accelerating its development with the aim of "constructing sustainable human health and taking science and technology innovation as its driving force". It has pioneered and established the innovative guiding ideology and industry that "ecological disasters must be solved by ecological methods". The research direction has created the long-lasting and continuous-selling probiotic brand products of the "Internet +" era of the micro-business success mythology. It has become the most innovative leading enterprise and industry benchmarking enterprise in the application research and development of functional probiotics in China. After more than ten years of continuous development, the current factory area is more than 18, 000 square meters, equipped with Grade 100, 000 air cleanliness purification production workshops, packaging workshops, central warehouses, logistics centers, research and development centers, and other five exclusive spaces, more than 300 employees.

The world is moving towards the "Post-antibiotic Era". Antibiotic resistance (AMR, super bacteria) is a major problem in the medical field and one of the biggest threats to global health, food safety and development. New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases. Faced with the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, which is a serious threat to global public health and national security, governments are aware that measures should be taken to stop this future disaster, but not knowing what to do and how to do it. Facing antibiotic resistance problems becoming more and more serious and threatening global public health and national security, governments realized that they need to take actions to prevent this future disaster, when without knowing what to do and how to do. At the same time, Mr. Cui Taixing took the lead in innovatively proposing the three theories of "Human Medical Ecological Disaster Theory", "Gynecology Empty City Theory Ggynecology Ttheory of Eempty Ccity" and "Human Probiotic Biofilm Ecological Defense Barrier Theory tThe Ttheory of Hhuman Bbody Nnatural Ddefense Bbarrier of Bbeneficial Mmembrane". Objectively expounded "the spread of the traditional 'killing pathogenic bacterium to eliminate inflammation' treatment methods LED by antibiotics. The killing of beneficial bacteria is a violation of the laws of nature, which is the root cause of the 'Human Medical Ecological Disaster', and 'Antibiotic Resistance' which is the inevitable outcome of this human medical ecological disaster, " and puts forward the innovative guiding ideology that "Ecological disasters must be solved by ecological methods. " The theory coincides with the theme of "Healthy China 2030"; And the call for "completely canceling medicines and medicines, adhering to prevention, and developing healthy industries We will put an end to the practices of hospitals funding their operations with profits from overpriced drugs, , , with emphasis on prevention, and we will support the development of health-related industries. " advocated by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Not only that, but also brought out a series of freeze-dried active factors products that can "source control and end human medical ecological disaster", such as genital tract, skin, oral cavity and intestinal probiotics, have become the focus of the national and international biomedical industry. Based on the outstanding contribution to the maternal and child health field in China, the "China Women and Children Health Conference" in 2012 awarded the general manager of the company, Mr. Cui Taixing, the honorary title of "National Leading Person in the National Maternal and Child Health Industry"
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