Company Overview
Jiangsu Huaxing Chemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd is a chemical engineering & petroleum construction company founded in Nantong, Jiangsu in April 1998.

Our company possesses:
1. Grade II general contracting qualification for chemical engineering & petroleum projects construction;
2. Grade II professional contracting qualification for steel structure projects construction, fire engineering projects, heat preservation & anti-corrosion projects, mechanical & electric equipment installation projects, and environment protection projects;
3. GB2 and GC2 qualification for pipeline design and installation;
4. Grade I qualification for boiler erection, installation & reforming;
5. Grade B qualification for overhead crane and gantry crane installation & maintenance;
6. Complying with ISO9001 standard, ISO14001 standard and GB/T28001 occupation health safety management system.

Our company offers the following services:
1. Chemical engineering construction, installation of petroleum equipment, pipeline, and electric appliances;
2. Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines
3. Boiler installation and maintenance;
4. Mechanical and electric equipment installation;
5. Chemical engineering equipment manufacturing;
6. Steel structure fabrication and installation;
7. Environment protection project;
8. Fire engineering project;
9. Other construction projects;

Our company also owns a powerful technical support team which excels in pipe fitting, metal processing, riveting, welding, electric appliance and instrument assembling, etc.

There is one "room" (Manager's Room), two "offices" (Manager's Office and Chief Engineer's Office), and six departments (Financial Dept., Business Dept., Engineering Dept., Quality Dept., Safety Dept. And Equipment & Material Dept. ), followed by expert groups and construction teams in our Company. All projects are done strictly following project rules and regulations. The company follows out the advanced management standards, which are ISO9001 standard, ISO14001 standard and GB/T28001 occupation health safety management system, in order to fully satisfy clients' needs.

Our company has strong construction and manufacturing abilities and is able to bring over 10 million yuan construction output value and 5 million yuan manufacturing output value per year. The products quality strictly conforms to different standards and specifications. As a result, our company has high reputations among our customers. Through the many years, our company has undertaken many projects including equipment & pipeline installation, electric appliance installations. Some selected projects are listed as the following:
1. Cargill Grain & Oilseeds (Nantong), Cargill Grain & Oilseeds (Yangjiang);
2. 100, 000 ton/year Ion Membrane Caustic Soda Project Construction of Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd;
3. 75 ton/h boiler installation of Jiangsu Youth Chemical Co., Ltd;
4. 130 ton/h boiler installation of Nantong Jiangsha Agrochemical & Chemical Co., Ltd;
5. Phase IV Construction of Nantong Cellulose Acetate Co., Ltd;
6. Formaldehyde and Paraformaldehyde Project Construction of Nantong Jiangtian Chemical Co., Ltd;
7. 60, 000 ton/year Formaldehyde Project Construction of Polyplastic (Nantong) Co., Ltd;
8. 240 ton/year Lithium Hexafluorophosphate Project Construction of Morita (Zhangjianggang) Chemical Industries Co., Ltd;
9. Glyphosate Project Construction of Jiangsu Youth Chemical Co., Ltd;
10. Glyphosate Project Construction of Nantong Jiangsha Agrochemical & Chemical Co., Ltd.

Our company always follows the principle which is "Clients First". We try our best to think for our clients and make our clients satisfied. We also implement strict quality control through the whole project. We provide first-class service to our clients with our first-class management, first-class credibility, and first-class project quality.
Ms. Yu Song
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Jiangsu Huaxing Chemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd, 6 Chong Hai Road, Chong Chuan District, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
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