Jun 30, 2022
Company Overview
Established in the year 2003, Cheesenice has dedicated itself to the development and production of high quality kitchenware by providing a wide range of kitchen knife, steak knife, cheese knife, outdoor knife, handmade hunting knife, survival knife, folding knife and the other kitchen accessories.

Through years of continuous endeavour, the production process is mature and stable, We persistently pursuing details and quality, which is a principle we always follow. To making ourselves unique in the kitchenware industry are our long-term goals. We will, as always, strive to make products to meet the the satisfaction of customers.

Cheesenice concept, our products are both creative and classical so our customers enjoy a high quality family lifestyle. Create a comfortable kitchen atmosphere to the customer, Nowadays art is integrated into our daily life through display of the kitchen tools. To be the creator of quality life, food can make people strong and the elegant tools also nurture mind. When finish the busy day, put down your daily exhaustion, go home to the kitchen, cooking, tasting, sharing, and slowly manage your life with every step, resulting in a great happiness.
Miss Lina
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No. 2, Lane5, Taoran 2nd Road, Dongcheng Town, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China
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