Jan 19, 2020
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Company Overview
Founded in April 2013, Dalian Hongyang Co., Ltd. is headquartered in mainland China and is a company dedicated to providing professional relief materials and military supplies to users around the world. The company provides services to customers in global supply chain management, product design and R&D, warehousing logistics and finance. Through the smooth delivery of individual cooperation projects, Hongyang Company is taking a step by step to gain more customers' trust and attention. Firmly practice their values: Respect the heavens and love others, knowing and doing.

Company vision: Let the partners be rich in material and happy in spirit; Actively promote the harmonious coexistence between human society and nature; Let the earth be filled with love and warmth.

Corporate clients: British Army, Saudi Army, South African Army, Hungarian Army, US Army in South America, UN Disaster Relief Administration, etc.

Main products: Military tents, military cotton jackets, military sleeping bags, military mats, disaster relief tents, etc.
Mrs. Denisezhang
General Manager
General Manager Office Department
5 F, No. 25, Shuma Road North, Shahekou District, Dalian, China
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