Qingdao Baltic Boat Co., Ltd.

Sep 29, 2018
Company Overview
We always aspire to introduce something new into the things that would seem ordinary, to search for fresh ideas and externalize them as original solutions.

Anything that is standard is constantly challenged. We know that our customers make high demands on us and on our products. Thus, the highest possible compliance with those demands, and even their overfulfilment, constitutes both our purpose and our driving force. And our old comstomers knew how we have done on it.

The whole is only as good as its parts. We keep this in mind and endeavor to be consistent with unified style in every aspect, beginning with the general design of every model and concluding with the slightest decorative detail. We wish to be cognizant and we trust that we have succeeded.

The basis of BALTIC's success in our excellent team composed of talented engineers and esigners. A strict control system combined with advanced engineering solutions gives us the ability to keep the quality of our boats sonsistent with the level of your expectations.

The entire BALTIC line of products is built using the best materials by specialists of the highest professional skill.

We are sure that YOUR boat is among our wide range of BALTIC models, a boat that reflects your life-style and altogether suits your personal outlook.

The future depends on today's ideas and the courage bring them to life.
Miss Lisa Myra
sale manager
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No. 78, Wangsha Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
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