Yongkang Baishi Mould Factory

Oct 16, 2020
Company Overview
Our main services are the design and manufacture of metal molds and products.

We have had the mould experiences for many than ten years with the professional drawing designers and professional machinery process, and we welcome our customers to come to our factory to have a visit. We sincerely hope we can build friendship of trade relation in the near future!

The first trial success rate is above 95%

We supply Bucket mold, trolley mold, supermarket purchasing car mold, liquefied petroleum gas tank mold, lampshade mold, muffler mold, microwave oven mold, snow sweeper mold, lawn mower mold, bar chair mold, chair mold, wire box mold, part plate mold, tank mold, washing machine mold, mixing barrel mold, rice box mold, etc. Fast food box mold, gas stove mold, meat grinder mold, grinding wheel cover mold, oven mold, rice cooker mold, floor lamp base mold, mahjong machine base mold, air conditioning cover mold, purifier mold, granary cover mold, gift can mold, shovel mold, single sink mold, rolling shutter door mold, pig trough mold, Non-stick pot mold, pearl pot mold, soup pot mold, frying pot mold, stainless steel pot mold, motor hood mold, fly-back pot mold, air frying pot mold, fruit dish mold, turnover box mold, garbage bin mold, cylinder mold, bread barrel mold, baking furnace mold, steamer cage mold, steamer mold, fire roll Mold, hot pot mold, basin mold, aluminum pot mold, antenna dish mold, pressure cooker mold, pump mold, beer can mold, frying pot mold, fan mold, filter mold, cake mold, kettle mold, teapot mold, caster mold, heater mold, dryer mold, coffee pot mold, Chocolate Mold Fountain mold, solar basin mold, octagonal basin mold, dehydration basket mold, toilet mold, sterilization box mold, candlestick mold, hot pot mold, square plate mold, stainless steel tray mold, aluminum pot mold, large aluminum pot mold, drum aluminum pot mold, basin mold, stainless steel pot mold, shovel mold, Shaft cover mold, dust cover mold, cylinder cap mold, engineering vehicle mold, site vehicle mold, chair mold, iron chair mold, bar chair mold, fuel tank mold, cushion mold, outlet mold, blower shell mold, box mold, barrel mold, cutting machine shell mold, harvester shell mold, sweep Snow machine shell mold, stainless steel tank mold, rice cooker tank mold, rice cooker shell mold, ice cream tank mold, portion basin mold, portion box mold, plate mold, stainless steel plate mold, lunch box mold, fast food dish mold, motorcycle fender mold, fender mold, aluminum box mold, aluminum shell mold Motor shell mold, motor cover mold, stainless steel product mold, frying pot mold, cooking pot mold, soup pot mold, civil air defense equipment mold, fire fighting equipment mold, extinguisher mold, head mold, stainless steel head mold, water tank mold, stainless steel water tower mold, gas stove mold, motor shell mold Tool, lampblack machine mold, lampblack machine mold, barbecue oven mold, oven mold, oven mold, barrel mold, pressure vessel mold, storage tank mold, Pet basin mold, dog bowl mold, cutter shell mold, cutter cover mold, horn mold, lunch box mold, stainless steel bowl mold, funnel mold, sink mold, stainless steel sink mold, wash basin mold, Mold for cookware, Metal stamping mold, forming punching mold, Mold for metal BBQ, hot pot mold, aluminum pot mold, customized aluminum pot mold, aluminum soup pot mold
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