Acro (Guangzhou) Door & Gate Technology Co., Ltd.

Aug 3, 2023
Company Overview
Arco (guangzhou) door and gate technology Co., Ltd. Has invested a factory who specialized in research and production of skeleton seals. It has advanced design concepts and research experience in Hebei where is famous for seals production, and combines the actual working conditions of various industries and manufacturers to fit in with actual research and development.

The products are mainly used in automobile, agricultural and forestry machinery, Gear reducer, motor and home appliances industries. This product is mainly used to prevent leakage from shafts and oil seal boxes, and to prevent erosion and pollution of ash seats, water and dirt, thus relatively affecting the machine. The normal use of the instrument and the extension of its service life.

Our business model offers efficiency and quality that has facilitated tremendous growth for our customers andour business.

Our seals have been exported to all over the globe, mainly to Europe and Asia. Arco is committed to a product that meets or exceeds OEM standards on all levels of performance and functionality. We have hundreds part numbers goods for different customers to choose.
Mr. Nolan
General Manager
International Trade Department
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First floor, building B5, Huachuang industrial park, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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