Agrade Storage (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Sep 21, 2023
Company Overview
Agrade Storage (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd focuses on industrial grade and military grade high performance and high reliability, special interfaces, special functions (such as smart R& D and production of solid-state storage solutions for destruction, physical destruction, safe deletion, power-off protection, etc. ). With its own brand Agrade storage products as the core. Main Business: Industrial-Grade SSD, Wide Temperature SSD, Industrial Grade CF/CFast Memory Card, SD/TF Card, DOM electronic hard drive, Industrial Grade USB. We have provided a strong guarantee for the overseas supply, and have a long-term stable source of goods. Product Key Features. Agrade's industrial-grade products are designed and engineered to meet the extreme working environment of various industrial applications, such as shock resistant. Vibration. Temperature. Power and humidity. TRIMIt functions by actively deleting invalid data from the blocks to ensure that write operations perform at full speed. Since a block must be erased before it can be re-programmed, TRIM improves write performance by PRO-actively erasing blocks containing invalid data, allowing the SSD to write new data without first having to performance a time-consuming erase command. S. M. A. R. TWe provide users an easy-to-use interface called"Flash Health Monitor", Which effectively helps monitoring the healthiness of the Flash device acting as a life guard and giving users enough time of preparation for users to do necessary data backup. SHOCK & VIBRATIONStability is one of the important key specification. We selected products that undergo strict tests to resist excessive shock ang vibration. -Vibration: 20G Peak, 7~2000Hz-Shock: 1, 500G, 0.5msWIDE TEMPEPATUREAgrade's storages are designed and tested to confirm effective operation between-40-85 tempepature, making them suitable for industrial computer systems that are often exposed to extreme temperature conditions. Security Customization ToolAgrade's security Customization Tool delivers a scalable and effective solution that allows you to conduct your business under an umbrella of protection. MTBFMean Time Between Failure, the average time a device will work before failing. Through this function, we can effectively measure the durability of storages. External DRAM CacheSince NAND Flash is deteriorating by repeated erase/write cycles then it would make sense to try to reduce those cycles to prolong the life of an SSD right. That's what external data buffers are designed to do. Outstanding Technology We aim to provide a one-stop shop for customers like system integrators and industrial PC vendors to easily implement our technology / products into their own systems or applications. We choose the best solution SLC (Single Level Cell)& MLC(Multi Level Cell)are the most commonly used designs for Flash storage products. SLC-based devices provides greater performance, reliability, as well as longer-lasting endurance MLC Flash can be produced with higher storage capacities and at a lower cost. Power Cycling Agrade's storage devices are being tested under 3, 000 times power cycling test to ensure their lifetime and data reliability during abnormal 'ON'and 'OFF'powerconditions. Security"Data Security always counts! "Agrade's security customization tool delivers a scalable and effective solution that allows you to conduct your business under an umbrella of protection. The service itself covers: License Key, Read-Only, Data Erase and BIOS setup. Agrade offers a wide range of DRAM and Flash that deliver high performance and could be applied to various of industrial Applications. Such as POS, Digital Signage, Cloud Computing, Data Servers, , Cash Machines, Automotive, DVRs, Surveillance, Panel CS, Medical Equipment, Tablets/Phones, Vending, Notebooks, Traffic Control, Hand-held Devices, Gaming, Embedded System.
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25a, Caihong Building, No 3002 Caitian South Road, Gangxia Community, Futian Street, Futian District, Shenzhen Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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