Guangdong Rongsin New Material Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
As one of leading material manufacturers in China, we, Guangdong RongSin New Material Co., Ltd, have more than 12 years manufacturing experience in R&D, and manufacturing high purity material and related sputtering target ect. And have supplied our product to a lot of domestic and overseas customers.

Unswervingly adhering to the philosophy of innovation, RongSin has founded R&D lab in material and equipment, and builded an innoative team LED by academicians and experts as well as doctor-degree holders. RongSin is devoted to research and development of new materials, products, equipment and technology. A number of products were awarded as " National High-quality Product Gold Award".

RongSin, as one of expert in advanced material in China, and will try our best to support you.
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6a-041, Science Building, Hiajing 2nd Road, Haishan Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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