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we are specialized in high-end wireless video monitoring system, colsed-circuit monitoring system satellite communication system, CATV and microwave remote video surveillance system. Wireless control and image transmission system development and application of high-tech private enterprises. The company is one of the wireless microwave transmission systems and network multimedia communications pioneer and leader.

The company has the strong technology and R&D capacity reserve, also has the climax R&D team, we are all committed long-distance microwave communicate industry, serviced security information and radio & TV industry. To create a peaceful harmonious society, we have the responsibility to revitalize the national science & technology. In today's world, the high-quality Remote microwave video transmission system has been widely used in various industries. Including: Government departments, Military, Security system, Oil field, Construction Corps, Large mining, Factories, Construction sites etc., for others large places discommodiousness span the cable need to set up the remote transmission. We are supplying for customers the wireless communication networking, wireless video surveillance and video conferencing integrated complete set of solve project. At present, our company has developed and had a few categories of products, high-end applications for the mobile, high-resolution image transmission system, base on 2.4/5.8GHz license-exempt bands wireless network transmission systems and traditional analog microwave remote image transmission system, the transmission distance from a few tens of meters to several kilometers. Change system can be applied to mountain, forest, countryside, desert, rivers, islands, oil, electricity, construction sites and other places the transmission environment.

The Remote image transmission system can transmit real-time, long-distance and high-definition video images, because of the image carrier frequency so high, has a strong immunity and transmission long distance, so it be popularitied by customers in the industry and has achieved good social benefits.
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